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Your largest monthly expense will now contribute towards your Experian Credit Report

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Free up cash on your next deposit by renting DepositFree

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Be rewarded for paying rental bills on time and taking care of your Landlord's property

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Your Passport to Better Credit

We help you gain better rates on mortgages, loans & utilities, whether your landlord uses Canopy or not.

  • RentTracking is here for your credit and security, your monthly rent payments can help improve your Experian Credit Report over time
  • A strong credit score leads to better interest rates, which leads to bigger savings - a lower interest rate means you'll pay less money towards a car payment, credit card, future mortgage, or even utility deposits
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Your Free Digital Rental History

Create just one rental profile that you can share with any agent or landlord

Track your rental payments, even if your landlord doesn't use Canopy

Silver, Gold & Platinum Renters are pre-approved to rent either with a traditional cash deposit or DepositFree

Swap your cash deposit with our DepositFree policy; its a one-off premium that protects you for the length of initial rental contract.

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To Deposit, or not to Deposit?

Canopy offers you the choice of DepositFree or Traditional cash deposit, if you are feeling flush? The choice is simply yours to make.

Save up to 95% of a traditional cash deposit, giving you the freedom to spend or save on the things that truly matter to you.

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Your Canopy TrustScore

Your TrustScore is made up of your Experian Credit Report, RentPassport information and rental behaviour. Pay bills on time and provide relevant information to advance your TrustScore to become more attractive to landlords.


Cash deposit available




DepositFree & cash deposit available

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Trust in the Canopy Community

Our deposit free proposition sits perfectly with Canopy's RentPassport and together we aim to make renting more simple and transparent for renters and landlords

Rajesh Shah
Managing Director at Tipi (Quintain)

Atlas is excited to offer flexibility and ease in the leasing process, making it easier to attract quality residents

Stephanie Smith
U.K. Portfolio Director - Atlas Residential

Canopy are leading in this space and share our vision for making renting work better for renters

Neil Young
CEO - Get Living