With Canopy everyone is covered

Canopy is creating an ecosystem for Landlords, Agents and Renters where all parties benefit.

We are challenging conventions to design easy to understand plans that meet Landlords and Renters needs. Insurance that feels great.

Deposit Free™ Insurance, replaces expensive and unnecessary cash deposits.

We’re putting billions of pounds locked up in deposits in the UK back to work into the economy.


Pioneer a rental ecosystem that fosters trust between Landlords, Renters and Agents.


Simplify the consumer rental journey via a unique mobile-based ecosystem of insurance and non-insurance services


Warm and energetic

We put people first, inspiring and endearing a constructive community with our vision, drive and spirit.

Focused and free-spirited

We are rewriting the rulebook. Human-centric approach that makes renting feel less transactional and encourages positive behaviour.

Pioneering and inclusive

Accessible by both Landlords and Renters, together we can build solutions that benefits everyone in the Rental value chain.

Vin Murria


World-renowned technology entrepreneur Vin Murria brings a wealth of experience and expertise in finance, technology and beyond to Canopy.

Tahir Farooqui

Founder & CEO

Tahir is applying the expertise gained during his 16+ years in insurance to revolutionise the rental industry with Canopy.

Rakesh Murria

Head of Product

Rakesh brings his long-standing experience as product director in digital communications to disrupting the rental industry at Canopy.

Alex Wilson

Sales Manager

Alex draws on his experience at Airbnb management company Airsorted to challenge the status quo by focussing on marketing, business development and partnerships at Canopy.

James Dwyer

Finance Analyst

James comes to Canopy with a background in finance and economics to focus on product innovation, financial modelling and market research.

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