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Attract the Best Residents

Build your community with high-quality Residents

Screen Residents

Pre-approved and ready to rent Residents, saving you time and money


Offer DepositFree as an alternative to a traditional cash deposit

Grow Revenue & Reduce Cost

RentTracking will report rent payments for Renters, reducing arrears

A Streamlined Rental Experience

Canopy is a partner for the B2R sector.  We take pride in enabling our partners in the B2R sector to focus on growth through Resident management solutions fit for the digital natives and sharing economy.

Enable Residents to boost their Experian Credit Report by paying rent on time and contributing to their future; showing you as the landlord that cares.

Canopy's RentPassport for Residents fosters long-lasting relationships built through transparency.

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Effortless Resident Experience Management

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An Intuitive B2R Platform

Streamlined Rent Management Processes which will reduce your OPEX by 5%-20%.

  • DepositFree replaces the traditional 6 week deposit, providing effective alternative security: from rent arrears to damages
  • ‍Allow your Residents to submit rent payments online - late payments and excuses are a thing of the past!
  • Claims resolved efficiently, fairly & independently
  • Disputes are settled fairly by an independent arbitrator

Tailored solutions to you: provide full cover for blocks, or give renters the choice to take out their own policies.

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Your Canopy TrustScore

Your TrustScore is made up of your Experian Credit Report, RentPassport information and rental behaviour. Pay bills on time and provide relevant information to advance your TrustScore to become more attractive to landlords.


Cash deposit available




DepositFree & cash deposit available

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Trust in the Canopy Community

Our deposit free proposition sits perfectly with Canopy's RentPassport and together we aim to make renting more simple and transparent for renters and landlords

Rajesh Shah
Managing Director at Tipi (Quintain)

Atlas is excited to offer flexibility and ease in the leasing process, making it easier to attract quality residents

Stephanie Smith
U.K. Portfolio Director - Atlas Residential

Canopy are leading in this space and share our vision for making renting work better for renters

Neil Young
CEO - Get Living